Master Homemade Lasagna

February 21, 2019

A great lasagna is hard to beat! IN THIS ISSUE, we feature three kinds of lasagna with lots of tips for being successful. The first recipe, a Traditional Lasagna, features a savory Bolognese layered with a Bechamel Sauce. The Weeknight Stovetop Lasagna brings all the flavors of a delicious lasagna to the table on a weeknight timeline. Our final recipe, a White Chicken Lasagna, features a nice twist on the familiar with chicken, ricotta, and spinach layers.
Buon Appetito!


Le Creuset Signature Roasting Pan, 5.25Qt.

A quality pan is key for building hearty lasagnas! This pan goes perfectly from oven to table.




Zyliss Classis Cheese Grater

Use a rotary grater for garnishing with fresh cheese right at the table.


RSVP Pierced Colander

This is a great colander for draining lasagna noodles and all kinds of pasta.

OXO Locking Tongs

Tongs are one of our favorite tools in the kitchen! Feel like a professional chef with a good pair of tongs in your hand. 


All-Clad Multicooker, 8Qt.

Pasta loves to cook in generous amounts of water- use a large pot! This one's perfect for the task including a basket for lifting and draining.





OXO Silicone Flexible Turner

Easily serve perfect slices of lasagna.


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