Hand-crafted casseroles and roasters from La Chamba are used for a cooking a variety of meats, vegetables, and other baked dishes. The elegance and functionality make black clay roasters and casseroles perfect for cooking and serving to everything in between; they can be used in the oven, over flame, or in the microwave to reheat leftovers. Dinner guests are sure to love these unique casserole dishes and roasters with covers, which are handcrafted in the village of La Chamba, Colombia using local clay that is stone-smoothed by hand and fired on-site. Our all-natural covered pots and pans are practical enough for everyday use, yet sophisticated enough to use for any special occasion.

La Chamba roasters are great for roasting small cuts of meat and vegetable dishes, and when placed at the bottom of the roaster, the veggies absorb juices from the meat when cooking. Oval roasters can be used to roast chicken and vegetables, or to heat a hearty beef stew. Casseroles are ideal for cooking and serving up meat dishes, pastas, potatoes, and more. Whether using a black clay casserole or natural roaster pan for creating and presenting homemade dishes, you're sure to make a statement with the dramatic color and unique style of each piece.

Black clay La Chamba roasters and casserole dishes are non-glazed and completely lead-free, making them the safe choice for any conscientious professional or home cook. The Colombian clay contains Mica, which gives Chamba the ability to heat evenly, while the clay’s porous nature allows slow evaporation of steam, keeping food fresh and delicious. Our La Chamba casseroles and roasters make wonderful gifts for any cook looking to start a collection or expand on their existing pieces. Whatever the occasion, La Chamba cookware is the perfect addition to any kitchen.