Seasoning your new Chamba Cookware

Congratulations on your new Chamba cookware!! Watch the video below for simple steps to follow to ensure the best use of your new Chamba. Curing or seasoning your Chamba cookware is easy - and we'll show you how!



Why must Chamba be seasoned? Chamba is a bit porous when first made. Seasoning seals the clay and is necessary prior to use. The surface will continue to improve over time, so we recommend that you use your Chamba several times before cooking things like eggs or fish that are prone to sticking. 

How do I season a Chamba comal or plate? There is no need to season a Chamba comal or plate—only vessels that will hold liquids like soup pots and casseroles.

Still have questions about bringing Chamba black clay cookware and dinnerware into your home? We're happy to help! Reach out anytime by getting in touch here.