Rewards Program

Each time you make a purchase at Toque Blanche you will earn "Top Chef" points: one point for each dollar you spend. When you have accumulated 250 points, you'll receive $15 off your next purchase! We'll keep track of it for you, no need to remember a card or a number. Once you reach your 250 points, we'll take $15 off your next purchase. It's so simple!

Click here to sign up!

In-Store Shoppers: Any of the Toque Blanche staff can get you signed up. At checkout, just let our team member know that you want to earn or apply rewards points to your order. Check your rewards status anytime by logging in on our website. 

Online Shoppers: Use the handy Rewards dashboard at the bottom of your screen. It's the little blue heart and shopping bag icon. Login to check your rewards status, accumulated points, and generate your coupon code to use at checkout.

- Click the blue icon in the lower-left corner of your screen.
- Select Join or Sign In
- Click Ways to Redeem
- If 250 points or more are accumulated, you'll be able to Redeem a Reward and generate a coupon code.
- Copy the coupon code and at your checkout screen, paste it into the Promo/Coupon Code text box. 

Having any issues? Reach out to us by clicking the Chat icon also on the bottom of your screen. Happy shopping!