A knife is a chef's best friend. There is perhaps no tool that is quite as important as a good knife. That's why taking care of your knife is equally as important, so that you can use your knife to its fullest potential every time. Everyone knows that they need to sharpen their knives, but it's not always the easiest process to do. Certain knives require very specific methods of sharpening that can't always be done by hand if you're on the go or have multiple things to take care of. 

Our selection of cutlery maintenance makes sharpening your knives a painless process that's easy to remember and easy to use from the best names in the cutlery industry such as Wusthof, Zwilling, Worksharp and more. If you just recently purchased a beautiful Global Knife, you need a sharpener that specifically works with Japanese knives. If that's the case, try the Global Knives Minosharp Plus. The ceramic frame and hand grip make it both easy and safe to use so that you don't have to worry about accidents. If you're looking for an all-around quality knife sharpener for every household knife, try the Work Sharp Culinary E2 Plus Knife Sharpener. Unlike many other sharpeners, the E2 uses two flexible abrasive discs so that the entire process is gentle yet firm, and quiet yet strong. It even has a manual option for those looking to still have a manual touch when sharpening and honing. 

In many ways, the sharpening and honing process is very ritualistic. It defines the bond between knife and chef, and if you're still craving that hand-sharpening bond, use the Wusthof 10 inch steel to perfectly hone your favorite knives to use over and over again.

Show off your well maintained collection with pride and take them with you wherever you go. Whether it's to your family's house for Thanksgiving or if you're in the process of moving, the Messermeister 8-Pocket Black Padded Knife Roll is perfect for traveling with ease. So invest in the proper cutlery maintenance tools with the proper knife sharpener or expand your collection with cutting boards, wood conditioner, or mineral oil.