La Chamba pans, cazuelas, and comales are vital additions to the kitchen of any professional or home cook. Each saute pan, comal griddle, and cazuela dish is hand-crafted by families in the village of La Chamba, Colombia using local clay that is stone-smoothed by hand and fired on-site. These traditional pieces are practical and available in a variety of sizes. Even better, these classic pans with covers, Chamba comales, and cazuela pots can be used in the oven, over flame, or in the microwave to reheat leftovers.

Whether using a comal griddle for an appetizer, saute pan for a delicious sauce, or the cazuela for the main dish, the dramatic black color of each piece makes for a stunning presentation in your kitchen and on your table. Our comal is the perfect piece to cook tortillas or toast spices and nuts for dinner guests. Use a Chamba saute pan to roast vegetables, cook seafood, or fry eggs. The cazuela is used in the preparation, cooking, and serving of cazuelas, vegetable soups, beef stews, tapas, and salsas. In addition, each piece goes from stovetop, oven, or microwave directly to your dinner table.

Cazuelas, comales, and pans from La Chamba are non-glazed and lead-free, making them the safe choice for any conscientious cook. Surprise your favorite home chef with a piece of black clay cookware to start a new collection or add to an existing one. Aside from making a wonderful gift item, our clay comal, pans, and cazuela are easy to clean using a wet sponge or cloth. Our Chamba comal griddle, saute pans, or cazuela make a wonderful gift for the environmentally friendly cook.