So what is it about GIR that gets it right? They started with all that was wrong with that drawerful of spatulas. Then stripped it all away and started from scratch. No more wooden handles that burned on the edge of the pan, ruining nonstick pans or spatulas warped in the dishwasher. No more ruining nonstick pans. The GIR collection solves every one of those problems. Made from a single piece of silicone, it’s heat resistant to 464°F, with weight and balance that make it easy to whip up any meal in the kitchen. "It’s hard to explain our approach without a self-referential nod to our name and mission: Get It Right – shortened to GIR. Sounds like “gear” not “grrrr”, but “grrr” is exactly what we were feeling with the standard, same old kitchen tools. So we decided to fix that." Shop GIR at Toque Blanche!