Whole Spice was started in 2000, selling freshly ground spices, herbs, and blends at local farmer markets in the San Francisco Bay area. Today, it's established itself as a mainstay inside the Oxbow Public Market in Napa. 

Whole Spice ensures only the most quality of spices, only grinding and blending the stock as needed, so that it's always fresh. Spices are able to bring the whole world into your home kitchen without having to fly. So experiment with different spices and flavors for your culinary creations like African Curry Powder, Curry Vindaloo, and our personal favorite the Chipotle Honey rub - which goes great as a salmon rub.

Our selection of Whole Spice offers something for everybody, whether you're a budding home chef looking to explore the world of international dishes, or a seasoned home chef looking to add some new creative outlets.