Bagels & Cream Cheese

March 19, 2020

Bagels & Cream Cheese

Spaghetti and meatballs, Cookies and milk. Bagels and cream cheese. These undeniable pairings are a fact of life, and one we celebrate. On average, Americans consume roughly five million bagels a day. And we're not mad about it. Warm, chewy bagels slathered with tangy cream cheese is our idea of a wonderful breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

 Bagel Making Tools We Love

Straining Spoon

Using a large straining spoon is key to scooping bagels out of the boiling water. 

Bagel Slicer

Bagels can be tricky! Use this bagel slicer to easily and safely cut bagels in half.

Wusthof 10" Classic Bread Knife

 A good, serrated knife is a kitchen essential! This one slices through loaves and bagels neatly!




Breville Food Processor

A food processor is perfect for blending curdled cheese into smooth cream cheese! 

  Ankarsrum Mixer

A mixer is the tool ideal for mixing all kinds of bread dough. You'll make bread more often with this at your side. 

Frieling Brotform Bread Rising Bowl

A traditional, natural cane bowl used for bread rising. Also makes a good bread basket for serving.

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