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Wusthof Classic Ikon 5" Santoku Knife

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The Wusthof Classic IKON 5" Hollow Edge Santoku Knife allows cooks to effortlessly prep a wide array of fresh produce, including starchy vegetables like potatoes, which tend to stick to a blade. This knife is designed with a thinner blade than the traditional chef’s knife and gradually curves up at the very end providing a straighter edge. The hollow edge is crafted with evenly spaced vertical indentations, which create small air pockets between the blade and the food, which gently push food off the blade and reduce friction and drag.

Classic IKON knives feature a handle made of a highly durable synthetic material – Polyoxymethylene (POM) – which has a tighter molecular structure to resist fading and discoloration. The elegant shape of the handle is designed for a comfortable grip.

  • 5" blade, precision-forged from a single blank of high carbon stainless steel
  • Full tang is triple-riveted to the handle for precise control
  • Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) yields a blade that is 20% sharper with twice the edge retention.
  • Contoured handle for comfortable fit and contemporary appearance
  • Made in Germany