Join us on November 10th for Wusthof Day! 
Chef Mike Demo Schedule
10:30 - Honing and sharpening basic
11:00 - Knife skills 101- slicing, dicing, mincing, and chopping.
11:30 - Specialty knives- choosing the right knife for the job.
12:00 - How to disjoint, spat-chock and debone chicken.
12:30 - Pork Tenderloin trimming, stuffing & cooking tips.
1:00 -  Stir-fry your veggies for a healthy meal preparation.
1:30 -  How to cut hard squashes safely
2:00 -  Knife care- honing, sharpening, cleaning and storage ideas.
  • Attend a free knife skills mini-workshop with Wusthof Corporate Chef Mike Garaghty! (Workshop participants earn a 10% discount on any Wusthof purchase!)
  • Take a test drive at the Wusthof Cutlery test drive station to try out any knife and get a free Zest paring knife! (While supplies last)
  • Enter a raffle to win one of two Wusthof Santokus!
  • Purchase Wusthof Cutlery totaling $99 or more and get a free swag bag (including an 8" Wusthof honing steel - a $19.99 value)!