Since 1979, WOLL® has been producing high-end, diamond-reinforced nonstick cookware exclusively in Germany. In its second generation of family ownership, WOLL® uses state-of-the-art technology to provide the highest quality cast cookware. 

All Woll products are individually cast by hand with a high-quality, refined aluminium alloy – unstressed and free of any trapped air pockets that lower product quality. The whole coating process takes place in Woll’s own manufacturing plant – Europe’s most up to date plant of its type, using state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly technology emitting very low levels of CO2. The entire manufacturing process and the coatings of all Woll pan ranges are completely free of PFOA.

Our selection of Woll products have an extremely cut-resistant surface, which is treated with our unique, tried and tested non-stick coating – enabling low-fat, vitamin-rich and healthful cooking.

Inventors of the detachable handle nearly 40 years ago, Woll has been perfecting the design and functionality ever since, allowing you to detach and attach with one hand – guaranteed to fit perfectly, always. This innovation makes all pans fit easily into the oven, sink, dishwasher. Not only does it save storage space in the kitchen cupboard, but it reduces the risk to children when the handle is removed during cooking.