Introducing Sublime - the new design from Emile Henry. With an emphasis on usability and user-experience, the Sublime range of ceramic cookware places sustainability and performance in your hands. Made up of only water and clay, Sublime elevates your cooking experience while still staying true and respecting the nutritional qualities of your ingredients.

Sublime maintains the highest user-experience with a range of versatility including being safe to use on stovetops, in the oven, BBQs, in the microwave, and in the dishwasher. No matter your lifestyle or your kitchen experience, Sublime Dutch Ovens cater to each and every one.

The unique bumps on the underside of the lid create a self-basting process that allows for more flavorful, tender, and moist results. The emphasis on usability extends to the generous curves of the ceramic shape, which allows for easier stirring and careful avoidance of burns in certain angles. Designed to be lighter than other Dutch Ovens, the Sublime range of cookware is 35% lighter than similar cookware pieces.

With beautiful craftsmanship, the Sublime range of Dutch Ovens from Emile Henry is designed to be a centerpiece of your kitchen. Coming in 3 unique shades, show off your statement piece and elevate your kitchen experience.