Impress guests with the simple elegance of La Chamba plates and platters. Each all-natural plate and oval platter is traditionally crafted by families in the village of La Chamba, Colombia using local clay that is stone-smoothed by hand and fired on-site. This handmade dinnerware is practical enough for everyday use, sophisticated enough for special occasions, and available in a variety of sizes. Even better, these classic plates and distinctive platters are suitable for not only serving food, but preparing it as well; Chamba pieces are so versatile, they can be used in the oven, over flame, or in the microwave to reheat leftovers.

Whether using square or round plates for a main course, deep plates for a side salad, or the oval platter for an appetizer, the dramatic color of each piece makes for a stunning presentation. The functionality of Chamba plates makes them a must-have for holiday parties and special events. Keep authentic Chamba plates on hand for an attractive dinnerware display in a formal dining room or a casual kitchenette. Chamba plates and platters are non-glazed and lead-free, making them the safe choice for any conscientious cook.

In addition, you don't need to worry about clean up. Our clay plates and platters simply need a quick soak and wipe down with a sponge or cloth before they're ready to be used again. The easy clean up of these deep plates and oval serving platters make them a great addition to any busy family’s kitchen. And if you're looking to build a La Chamba cookware set, there’s no better way to start than with the practical round plates or square plates.

Or perhaps you're looking for a unique gift idea for your favorite environmentally conscientious home chef. The Chamba oval platter or a small set of the black clay plates make a wonderful gift for any cook. Whatever the occasion, Chamba plates and platters are the perfect addition to any kitchen.