Bauer Pottery Company of Los Angeles reproduces the Bauer line of vintage American pottery in limited quantities, using many of the original colors and styles. While the original Bauer Pottery Company often used leaded glaze, Bauer Pottery have formulated lead-free versions of many of the classic colors, as well as a few new shades to appeal to contemporary tastes. In the spirit of the original manufacturing process, pigments are blended to create a vibrant array of colors to match any style home.

All the pieces in our collection can be put in both the microwave and dishwasher, but extra care should always be taken when cleaning. We recommend hand washing your dishware but if you are using a dishwasher, please take extra care when loading; make sure that the dishes do not knock against one another during the washing cycle, as this could lead to damage. Continued dishwasher use may result in a slight loss of sheen over the life of the product.