Great Gratins

October 04, 2018

Great Gratins

AS THE SEASONS TURN, gatherings call for warm, comforting meals. All of these gratin recipes are great for feeding and pleasing a crowd. IN THIS ISSUE, we explore how gratins transform ordinary vegetables into wonderful, delicious side dishes.


For Making Gratins

Bia AuGratin Dishes

Serve Gratins in individual dishes for a charming presentation.



 Mauviel 3 QT Saucier

 The sloped sides of this saucier are perfect for whisking and building sauces.

Emile Oval Baker

These stoneware dishes provide wide, shallow cooking area, exposing ingredients more directly to heat. Transfers well from oven to table.




Microplane 4-Sided Box Grater

Make quick of grating cheeses -- fine or coarse-- with this ergonomic, super sharp tool.

Best Manufacturer 12" Balloon Whisk

A quality stainless steel whisk is essential for making sauces-- a kitchen must!






OXO Simple Mandoline

This super sharp tool creates the thinnest slices of potato and shaved brussels sprouts- perfect for making gratins.

Grace Manufacturing Cut Resistant Glove

Stay safer in the kitchen! this cut-resistant glove protects fingers while cutting, grating, and shredding foods. A great way to stay out of the emergency room, and gain kitchen confidence.


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