Culinary Trip to Greece Newsletter

March 08, 2018

As a wellspring of Western Civilization, Greece enthralls the senses with its amazing history, epic landscapes, and the many cultural traditions of making and heartily enjoying delicious food. IN THIS ISSUE, we explore a few key flavors of Greek cuisine along with several, very doable recipes that will, undoubtedly, be successful the very first time you try them. Join us for a little taste adventure to the Greek Islands. OPA!

 CDN Quick Tip Thermometer

Take the guesswork out of cooking meatballs-simply make sure they reach the right temperature-neither underdone or overdone.

 Glass Prep Bowls

Durable glass prep bowls are essential when prepping any recipe-especially a big Greek-inspired dinner!

French Rolling Pin

Make rolling out pitas (and all kinds of dough) simple!

Emile Henry Rectangular Baking Dish

A necessary dish for so many recipes! Perfect for "bringing a dish" to share.

Norpro Stainless Bench Scraper

A helpful tool when working with bread dough and for cleaning up flour-y work surfaces.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron sears meatballs and all meats beautifully! Also works well for making pita bread.


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