Comfort Food with Cast Iron

October 18, 2018

Comfort Food with Cast Iron

This time of year is perfect for cooking a few favorite comfort foods using one of our favorite types of pans - cast iron. Known for supreme durability and great heat retention, cast iron has been a classic type of cookware for over two thousand years! IN THIS ISSUE, we explore a few easy recipes that utilize cast iron, and will surely satisfy any hunger.

 Our Favorite Cast Iron

Lodge 12" Skillet

Bake and serve all in one dish! These skillets are oven safe and broiler safe.



Staub 4QT Turquoise Cocotte

A versatile cast iron pot that features an enameled surface interior and exterior. 


Finex 10' Skillet

Cast iron gets a modern make-over! American-made, designed to last forever. Unique stay cool handle design. Start an heirloom.






Le Creuset 5.25QT Deep Round Oven

A classic pot for a reason! This pot has defined the enameled cast iron.





Knappmade Chain Mail Scrubber

Perfect for cleaning cast iron.


Finex Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Modern cast iron that is defined by its heavy-duty construction that promotes even cooking and superior heat retention, Stay cool handles and, octagonal shape. 


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