BIA Souffle 1 Quart

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Make a simple but luxurious cheese soufflé or a decadent dark chocolate one with this 1-Quart Soufflé Dish by BIA Cordon Bleu. This 4-cup, or 1-quart baking dish is the perfect size for 3-4 main course servings or 4-6 dessert servings. With the straight, high sides your soufflé needs to rise and a classic rippled exterior, this traditional dish will help make your serving impressive. Besides, soufflé, use it for bread pudding, baked mac & cheese, or as a serving dish. The possibilities are many with BIA Cordon Bleu’s Soufflé Dish.

1-Quart Soufflé Dish by BIA Cordon Bleu Features:

Straight, high sides
Rippled exterior
Oven-safe up to 450°F for no longer than 20 minutes

Safe for microwave-use
Capacity: 1-Quart (4-Cups)
Diameter: 6.75″ | Height: 3.25″