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No more shredded fingertips!  This food guard slips onto the rail of the Gourmet Series Paddle Graters (except the Ultra Coarse Grater). Drop smaller foods --garlic, ginger, chocolate chips, nuts, and small veggies-- into the hopper, push down on the plunger and grate! This accessory helps to easily grate these foods without putting your fingers in the way of the ultra-sharp blades.

  • Use with Fine blade for nutmeg and cinnamon, to turn your grater into a spice grinder, or for that last bit of parmesan or other hard cheese.
  • Use with Coarse blade for nuts to turn your grater into a nut flour grinder, or for chocolate when garnishing.
  • Use with an Extra Coarse blade for baby carrots to add that bite-size piece to salad, or for that last bit of soft cheese like cheddar or mozzarella.
  • Use with a Ribbon blade for baby or fingerling potatoes for hashbrowns, or for shreds of shallots or garlic for adding flavor to recipes.