Served Insulated Pitcher - Blue Lemonade

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This bright and fun pitcher fits right into the party. Just be sure to write your name on it so no one confuses it with the presents.

Our 2 liter (66 ounce) stainless steel, copper-lined, vacuum-insulated, double-walled pitcher keeps the mood high and the temperature low (pause) unless you are using it for hot drinks - then it keeps it high. The point is, it holds temperature for hours, so your cold drinks stay icy, your hot drinks stay steamy, and your party is anything but luke-warm.

Our “Don't Sweat It” promise means you can pass the Sangria without it slipping from your hands and becoming a party foul.

Finally, the silicone-sealed lid keeps the drinks contained all the way up until the point you want them to start flowing. And even then, our pitcher is designed to pour neatly and prevent spilling.

5" X 9"

Hand wash recommended. Not microwave safe. Not oven/stove safe.