Chamba Oval Roasters (RS2-RS15)

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Available in 2 quart up to 10 quart pots, the all-natural oval roaster with cover can be used in the oven, on the stovetop, to roast chicken and vegetables, or to heat a hearty beef stew. The Chamba clay oval roaster is a non-toxic piece of kitchen cookware that is a must-have to keep on hand for holiday parties, special events, and homemade meals.

About Chamba: Timeless Chamba cookware is handmade in Colombia from clay that contains mica which allows it to withstand heat. All-natural and unglazed, it contains no toxins. Chamba can be used in the oven and microwave - even on the stovetop and grill! It cleans up easily and should not be put in the dishwasher.More about La Chamba

We recommend the use of a heat diffuser when using Chamba on a non-gas stove.

Because Chamba cookware is handmade, dimensions are approximate; actual size may vary.

*Please note different style of extra large oval roaster (RS15)

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UPC:  850014302689 (RS2), 850014302696 (RS3), 850014302702 (RS4), 850014302719 (RS5), 850014302726 (RS6), 850014302672 (RS15)