Lekue Egg Poacher Set of 2

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Prepare perfect poached eggs in the easiest and most effective way with the Egg Poacher. Two at a time and in just 3 minutes! Cleaning is now easier thanks to the new stainless-steel cup.

Prepare poached eggs in the easiest and most effective way with in just 3 minutes! With the Egg Poacher you will be able to make poached eggs easily using the traditional bain-marie process for a perfect result.  This 2-pack is perfect for cooking 2 eggs at the same time and optimizing cooking time. The product floats in water to cook the egg perfectly, and you can hold it by the Platinum Silicone top without the danger of getting scalded. The design of the little holes in the stainless-steel cup keep the egg in direct contact with the water for quicker cooking. Plus, you can drain any excess liquid away from the egg —without losing the white. Discover an endless range of recipes perfect for a healthy breakfast and weekend brunch, such as: Eggs Benedict, avocado toast, eggs Florentine or poached eggs with pesto. 

It's very simple to use! 

  • First, heat the water in a pot at 194 to 203º F (the water must not boil). 
  • If you wish, you can grease the product with a little oil to make it easier to get the egg out.
  • Place the egg poacher over a glass and break the egg over it. This gets rid of excess condensed liquid through the strainer, it's not the egg white! 
  • Close the Egg Poacher securely and place it immediately in the pot for approximately 3 minutes.  
  • Then, remove the mold from the water and take out the egg!


This system also means you can cook several eggs at the same time because several Egg Poachers fit into one standard pot.

Cleaning tips:

  • Clean the Poacher immediately after use or soak it. This will prevent any egg residues from drying in the mold and make cleaning more difficult.
  • If you want to make more than two eggs in a row in the same mold, clean it after the second use.