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iSi Nitro Charger, Box/16 (In-Store Only)


70599 [24]

$19.99 USD

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For use with the iSi Nitro Whip.  Quickly and easily create barista quality nitro coffee with these iSi 070599 N2 nitro chargers! Nitro coffee is made by infusing cold brewed coffee with pure nitrogen gas - like the gas contained in these chargers. The infusion results in a rich, flavorful coffee with a creamy texture and a thick, velvety foam head.

Because N2 gas is very different from N2O (nitrous oxide) and needs to be regulated differently in the head and charger holder, these N2 chargers are not for use with any other whippers. Likewise, no N20 charger should be used with the Nitro Whip™. These chargers are non-refillable and should be kept on the Nitro Whip™ until the bottle is empty.

  • One charger prepares up to one liter of barista-quality cold brew
  • Each charger contains 2.4g of pure nitrogen gas
  • Recyclable steel canister

We are unable to ship this product. Available for purchase in-store only.