Chef'n Fresh Force Juice Press

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There’s No Excuse When It Comes to Fresh Juice. Are you ready for the ultimate handheld juicer? The FreshForce Juice Press is designed to work with a variety of fruit—pomegranate, watermelon, grapes, ripe stone fruit, citrus, the list goes on! It comes with a removable plastic cup that collects, measures, and pours fresh juice immediately after squeezing. With this FreshForce addition, you'll have no excuse not to enjoy more juice!

  • Designed to work with a variety of fruits - pomegranate, watermelon, grapes, ripe stone fruit and more
  • Dual-gear mechanism makes juicing easy and efficient
  • Includes removable stainless steel basket and plastic cup
  • Built-in plastic cup collects, measures and pours fresh juice
  • Perforated sides on stainless steel basket provide optimal juicing capability
  • Perfect tool for adding fresh juice to salad dressings, cocktails and recipes
  • Separates for easy cleaning
  • Cup capacity: 1/4 cup
  • Stainless steel basket and plastic cup are top-rack dishwasher safe