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Lestrain is a scoop strainer that catches its own drips and sits up off your counter.

Get a drip. Unique straining head features an integrated reservoir that catches and collects drips for mess-free cooking.

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Catcher in the fry. Fine slots make Lestrain ideal for all tasks from shallow frying dumplings to straining peas and corn.

Just a heads up. Curved handle design keeps counters clean by sitting Lestrain’s head up and off your bench.

Scoop, there it is. Large, flexible head is perfect for scooping from the bottom of pans and serving.

Welcome to Dreamfarm. We are an award-winning Australian design company that creates new and incredibly useful kitchen tools and gadgets. We design products that solve problems. All of our products have functional differences that make them work better than anything else on the planet. You'll love our range because our products are high quality, useful, beautiful, and each have a moment of magic when they do something amazing that you’ve never seen before.