Work Sharp Electric Knife Sharpener

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The Work Sharp Culinary  electric kitchen knife sharpener uses controlled speeds and timed sharpening cycles to shape, sharpen and refine all your kitchen knives at the touch of a button. Based on traditional belt sharpening practices, the E5 creates a sharp-as-new edge the same way manufacturers sharpen knives at the factory.

Precision sharpening guides, controlled speeds, and high-performance sharpening belts make the Work Sharp Culinary knife sharpener easy, clean, and gentle on knives. Maintaining your edges preserves the value of your cutlery, and lets you continue to enjoy the art of cooking! Works with all Model E5 belts and accessories. 


  • FACTORY-SHARP EDGES: The only kitchen knife sharpener using flexible sharpening belts – the same method used by manufacturers to sharpen their knives.
  • FAST PRE-PROGRAMMED SHARPENING: The Professional Electric Sharpener sharpens your knives at the touch of a button in less than 90 seconds. Three settings allow you to shape, sharpen, or hone your knives depending on how dull they’ve become. The sharpener automatically turns off at the end of the cycle.
  • SHARPEN ANY KNIFE, ANY BRAND: Designed to accommodate all the popular knife styles and brands from high-end exotic steels to the most basic cutlery. Also sharpens kitchen scissors, and poultry shears.
  • BUILT IN VACUUM: The only knife sharpener with a built-in vacuum to keep counters clean from sharpening debris.
  • PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN COMPANY - Work Sharp is a 4th-generation family owned company in Ashland, Oregon. For over 40 years we have been engineering industry-leading sharpening tools here in the USA.