Evaco / Cast 10" Crepe Pan - Ceramic

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The Evaco / Cast 10" ceramic Crepe pan is cast in one solid piece of aluminum and makes a perfect griddle for kitchens of all sizes, and cooks of all skill levels. 

The pans are heavy where it counts without unnecessary weight on the sides. When it comes to heat-conduction, aluminum is second only to solid copper and cooking techniques are very similar. The pans heat up quickly and cool off quickly when you when you take them off the heat.

The Evaco / Cast ceramic non-stick surface cleans in seconds and has a heat-tolerance of over 900° Fahrenheit. With the right tools and treated properly, Evaco will provide many years of easy cleaning.

No gasses or fumes are ever emitted at ANY cooking temperature. The non-stick contains none of the components used for making PTFE non-stick. Evaco non-stick is a non-porous glass surface that tolerates rapid cooling and heating. Its fine “food release” properties are the result of an ultra-smooth surface.

To retain maximum food-release properties, you should avoid using metallic tools or abrasive scouring pans (scouring pads approved for non-stick are fine).

Manufactured in South Korea
Induction Compatible.