Chef'n Onion Chopper

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Three Cheers for No More Tears! The FreshForce Onion Chopper is the number one onion tool you need in your kitchen. Designed to keep your fingers safe by chopping onions directly into your pan or bowl, this handheld chopper means less clean up, and faster onion prep. Simply place the onion in the chopper, squeeze, and your onions are ready. It also works with zucchini, cucumbers, baby potatoes, tomatoes, and more. Now let’s get chopping!

  • Designed to chop onions directly into pan or bowl, no cutting board needed
  • Easily chop onions with one squeeze
  • Dual-gear mechanism makes pressing easy and efficient
  • Blades twist off for easy cleaning
  • Also works with zucchini, cucumbers, baby potatoes, tomatoes, small apples, and more (not to be used with large, hard root vegetables)
  • Easily dice by putting produce through the chopper twice
  • To clean, lift pusher away from blades, twist to remove blades, tap blades on a surface to remove excess product, then hand wash with a cleaning brush