Staub Ceramic Petite Pumpkin Cocotte

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The Staub Ceramic Pumpkin is a stylish addition to your table.   Show off your soups, casseroles, and vegetables - each dish is elevated when presented against this this pretty pumpkin. The piece effortlessly and elegantly transitions from the oven to the table without the need for multiple dishes.  Staub ceramics offer unparalleled performance, durability and design.  The pieces are fired twice at a very high temperature, making them very resistant to impact and thermal shock; as a result, they go from freezer to oven to table with ease. The porcelain enamel glaze prevents absorption of moisture during baking.

  • Oven, broiler, and freezer safe
  • White pumpkin is microwave-safe; orange is not microwave-safe due to metallic glaze on stem
  • Made in China
  • 6.42" W across handles; 4.1" H