Urban Bar Biloxi Strainer Spoon

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With a perforated head, this cocktail spoon allows easy drainage of ice cubes and other wet ingredients to drain excess liquid. Minimizing dilution, it also acts as a mini cocktail strainer to strain out excess water from built drinks.

The head features higher sides than standard bar spoons, making it easier to scoop and pick up ingredients. The tip is flat, with a curved end, replicating the shape of a normal bar spoon head. This retains the ability to pour liquids down the twisted stem to make layered cocktails. In addition, this curved tip doubles as a gentle muddler for bruising solid ingredients. 

Makes an elegant set when paired with one of Urban Bar's mixing glasses;  check out the Japanese, tall Calabrese or footed Calabrese glasses.

  • Dishwasher-safe 18/8 Japanese steel
  • Gift boxed