Ankarsrum Pasta Bundle (Lasagna Roller & Fettucine Cutter)

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Serving freshly made pasta is a delightful way to impress your guests at any gathering. The rich flavors and perfect texture create an unforgettable dining experience – and the best part, making your own pasta is simpler than you might think!

The Ankarsrum Pasta Bundle, designed to make pasta-making a breeze. With the ability to create your favorite pasta dishes with ease.

The Pasta Roller & Cutter Kit includes:

–            Lasagna Roller
–            Fettuccine Cutter

• Produced in collaboration with the renowned Italian brand Marcato, boasting over 80 years of pasta-making heritage.
• To achieve the best results, use the pasta roller before you use any pasta cutter.
• The attachment is designed specifically for use with pasta dough for optimal performance and durability.
• Safety is paramount: Never insert fingers or foreign objects into the roller during operation.
• The pasta attachments fit all Assistant Originals models N1-N30