Ankarsrum Blender Attachment with Tamper

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The blender for the Ankarsrum mixer has a virtually unbreakable pitcher with a five cup capacity. It locks securely into place and lets you make an endless variety of sauces, smoothies, protein drinks, soups, chopped nuts, baby foods and more! The Ankarsrum blender's newly updated design features a sliding inner lid that adjusts to keep smaller quantities near the blades for fast, uniform blending action. Liquid ingredients poured through the center column pass down through the inner lid—perfect for jobs like adding olive oil to a salad dressing. This inner lid is removable, so it's never in the way when you don't need it.

Use this high impact plastic blender attachment for your Ankarsrum Mixer to make milkshakes, smoothies, coarse grinding of grains like "steel cut oats". The slightly tapered side allows for a wide bottom to use a spatula when making thick drinks or powders. 


- 5 cup capacity blender pitcher

- Tamper for ease of use. 

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