6" Santoku Innovation, Black

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Slice with style and ease with the pristine 6” Ceramic Chef's Santoku Knife from Kyocera. The chef's santoku knife is one of the most versatile and useful knives in the kitchen. It's great for almost any cutting job you would have and Kyocera’s Z212 advanced ceramic blade flushes out the knife’s full potential. The durability of this blade is unmatched, as their ceramic blades stay sharper for twice as long as other blades. Along with the edge retention and durability, these knives offer a soft and comfortable grip, allowing for more control while cutting. The ceramic is lightweight and well-balanced, which reduces fatigue during tedious cutting jobs.

Apart from making the cutting more efficient, these ceramic blades are also purer than steel blades. There are no metallic ions to transfer to the food, so ceramic will not alter the taste, smell, or appearance of the food. Furthermore, ceramic cannot rust, which further assures its lasting quality.