Smithey Dual Handle 14" Skillet

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Featuring a generously sized polished interior surface, the No. 14 is designed for a feast. From roasting multiple game birds to searing steaks on the stovetop or grilling a dinner’s worth of vegetables on a large charcoal grill, the No. 14 is the perfect tool for the chef who cooks with pride for family and friends. Use it well!

While all of our cast iron cookware works on electric and induction stovetops in addition to gas, we recommend that you use the largest burner size available for the 14" skillet. If your electric range is on the smaller size we suggest pre-heating the skillet in a hot oven to bring it up to temperature before cooking on the stovetop.


Satin-smooth, polished finish

Dual Ergonomic Helper handles

Deep 2.4" side walls for maximum versatility

US Made

Diameter (top): 14”

Depth: 2.4”

Handle to Handle: 17”

Cook Surface: 11"

Weight: +/- 10 lbs