Breville the Joule™ Turbo Sous Vide

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"Highly Recommended" by Cooks Illustrated.

Simplify meal time with the Joule Turbo Sous Vide automated cooking experience, powered by the Joule App. Let Autopilot take the guesswork out of cooking with delicious and consistent results every time, hands-free. Proprietary Turbo technology allows you to make selected dishes in half the time of conventional sous vide, while Primetime gives you ultimate flexibility to eat when you’re ready. Stay connected and relax knowing you’ll never overcook a meal again.

TURBO MODE – Perfect results in half the time. The new Turbo feature uses complex algorithms and powerful cloud computing to cook your favorite sous vide proteins in half the time

VISUAL DONENESS – Select your desired doneness results before you start cooking from Rare to Medium to Well done, and everything in between

PRIME TIME – Delivers a window of time when food is at its prime. Prime Time gives the ultimate flexibility to eat when you are ready

COOK GUIDES – Confidently cook your core ingredient with preset times and temperatures tested by the Breville Test Kitchen chefs

GUIDED RECIPES – Do more than just cook an ingredient. The Joule App now includes recipes for any day of the week. From simple to complex, with guided support to create the perfect meal