Lekue Microwave Grill XLarge

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  • GRILLED FOOD DONE IN THE MICROWAVE! Bring some color to your food and create grill marks like a conventional BBQ grill, but with the benefits of microwaving. Fast, quick and easy. Grill meat/chicken/fish, sandwiches/paninis, quesadillas, vegetables and more in a few minutes in the microwave.
  • HEALTHY COOKING. Microwave cooking is better at retaining flavor, quality and nutritional values Why? The shorter the cooking time and lower the temperature used, the fewer nutrients are lost. With the Microwave Grill XL, cooking temps never exceed 464ºF and the average cooking time is 5 minutes. Made of microwave-approved material which transforms microwave energy into heat.
  • EASY TO USE. Preheat the grill then place food on the heated grill. Secure the plates with included silicone bands & grill in your microwave. LOWER IN FATS. You can achieve full, healthy meals in just a few minutes, since the food doesn't need a large amount of oil to turn golden. .and this means fewer calories.
  • NO SMOKE OR SMELL. Unlike cooking on a grill or frying pan, microwave cooking allows you to drastically reduce odors and completely eliminate smoke.
  • SAVE TIME AND ENERGY. Compared to a frying pan, the Microwave Grill XL is a lot faster. If you enjoy grilled vegetables, you'll have them ready in just 3 minutes, helping you to save on time: and while they're cooking you can get on with something else, there's no need to stand over the stove. EASY TO CLEAN Cooking surface is non-stick-making clean-up easy and decreasing the need for oil or butter. Place completely in the dishwasher.

Dimensions: 10.6" x 8" x 1.7"