MADE IN Blue Carbon Steel Fry Pans - 8", 10", 12"

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Like cast iron, but better. MADE IN's best-selling Carbon Steel Frying Pan, now seasoned to help you achieve a naturally non stick surface.
  • Made in Sweden
  • Superior Heat Control
  • Oven Safe up to 1200F
  • Open Fire and Grill compatible
  • Naturally Non Stick
  • Compatible with Gas, Electric, and Induction Cooktops
  • Lifetime Warranty

Pre-seasoned with a mixture of shea nut oil and coconut oil, they've taken care of the first two seasonings (the hardest ones) so you can experience the difference Carbon Steel makes on day one. Carbon Steel combines the heat retention of cast iron with the control and maneuverability of Stainless Clad, resulting in a natural non stick alternative.

MADE IN stamps Carbon Steel into a thin disc that’s half the weight of cast iron but every bit as durable—so it seasons faster, responds quicker, and is rugged enough for your grill or open flame.

With sloping walls and a wide surface, this pan provides maximum heat contact for high-heat searing. See how this chef-loved pan will replace cast iron as your favorite kitchen heirloom.


  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Total Diameter 8”
  • Cooking surface: 5.5”
  • Height (w/handle): 3.46"
  • Depth: 1.8”
  • Length (w/handle): 15”


  • Total Length: 19”
  • Total Diameter: 10.25”
  • Total Height: 4.5”
  • Depth: 2”
  • Cooking Surface Diameter: 7.5”
  • Weight: 3 lbs


  • Total Length: 21.5”
  • Total Diameter: 12.5”
  • Total Height: 4.5”
  • Depth: 2.25”
  • Cooking Surface Diameter: 9.25”
  • Weight: 4.31 lbs

Hand Wash Only