Three Mediterranean Dips

January 23, 2020

Three Mediterranean Dips

These Mediterranean dips are perfect for a healthy snack, light meal, or a game time party! IN THIS ISSUE, we feature three easy dips made to share - a very creamy classic hummus, a rich, roasted red pepper and walnut dip called Muhammara, and a smoky Baba Ganoush. Time to kick off a little delicious dipping!

 For Making Dips

Rosle Garlic Press

Save time when prepping with this ergonomic and easy-to-use garlic press

Breville Food Processor 12 Cup

A high quality food processor will make dips in no time!

Zavor 6 Qt Multi-Cooker

Pressure cooking makes cooking dried chickpeas a breeze! Put this machine to work - it can sauté, cook rice, pressure cook, slow cook, and more!

RSVP Measuring Spoon, Set of 5

Time to upgrade how to measure! This set is easy to keep organized!

USA Pan Sheetpan


 Great for roasting, toasting, and baking! One can never have too many sheetpans!

Freshforce Citrus Juicer

Our all around favorite hand juicer! Maximize juicer extraction with minimal effort.

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