They're Here! Summer Vegetables Ready to Stuff

July 31, 2020

They're Here! Summer Vegetables Ready to Stuff

We're taking advantage of the fresh harvests found at farmers' markets, in our gardens, and at roadside stands, and are making scrumptious stuffed vegetables ready to satisfy any craving!

IN THIS ISSUE, we stuff peppers, mushrooms, and zucchini while sharing tips for cleaning veggies properly. PLUS, a bonus recipe, stuffed jalapeños!


Fox Tail Natural Vegetable Brush

Remove dirt and dust from vegetables with this ergonomic brush!

Evaco Cast Non Stick Saute Pan

Cook rice and saute vegetables for stuffed peppers in a versatile saute pan

RSVP 18" Grill Tongs

Long grill tongs keep veggies well-tended and hands safely away from the flame!

Chamba Roasting Pan

A large roasting pan is a kitchen essential!

Kyocera Extra Wide Peeler

Peel veggies quick and easy with this ceramic blade!

Kyocera 6" Santoku Ceramic Knife

Get chopping with a versatile cook's knife.



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