La Chamba Cookware, handcrafted black clay cookware imported by Toque Blanche from La Chamba, Colombia.

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Chamba Roasting Pan, X-Large

Chamba Roasting Pan, X-Large (SPX) SAVE $10

Reg: $79.95Sale:$69.95

"These (La Chamba) pots make superb clay cooking vessels that can stand up to direct heat and retain heat beautifully."

-Paula Wolfert, Mediterranean
Clay Pot Cooking

About La Chamba Cookware

Sophisticated and practical, hand-crafted black clay La Chamba cookware from La Chamba, Colombia can go directly from microwave, stove or oven to your table top.

The innate elegance and usability make black La Chamba cookware perfect from cooking to serving. There are no toxins in the La Chamba because no glazes are used (the pieces are hand-burnished) and there is no lead in the clay. Care is easy: a quick soak and wipe down with a sponge is all that is needed.

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