VitaClay Smart Multicooker, 8 Cup

Healthy Natural Cooking

Vitaclay contains an unglazed, organic clay pot that offers unparalleled health benefits. It is made up of award-winning and highly prized Zisha Clay found in the mountains of Southern China and it is certified as ‘Lead-free”, meets FDA, CA 65 and UL safety requirements.

  • This clay pot does not contain any harmful lead or aluminum that could potentially leach onto your food.
  • It amplifies taste and seals in beneficial vitamins and nutrients.
  • Clay is porous and acts as a natural insulator that holds and absorbs heat to cook foods slowly and evenly bringing out earthy flavors and textures.
  • Avoid having to add extra sugar. Clay is alkaline and it interacts with the acidity of foods making them naturally sweeter.
  • Naturally thermal, clay cooks 4 times faster and stays warm longer which can cut your energy usage in half. 

7 Programmable Functions

The beautiful clay pot can be easily removed so you can elegantly serve and display your meals to friends and family. A must-have for any whole foods kitchen!

  • WHITE RICE SETTING (can also be used for Quinoa)
  • BROWN RICE SETTING (can use for Wholegrain or Wild Rice)
  • SWEET RICE SETTING (includes Sushi and Sticky rice)
  • REHEAT SETTING (perfect for reheating your cold rice or food)
  • STEW SETTING (slow roast meat, steam beans)
  • SOUP SETTING (can be used to make bone broths)
  • YOGURT SETTING (can also be used to germinate brown rice)
  • WARM FUNCTION (after cooking your food will stay warm for up to 12 hours