Evaco/Cast Non-Stick Ceramic Stir-Fry Pan, 12"

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This unique pan offers great versatility as a stir frying and saute pan. It has no awkward, hard-to-reach corners when stirring and whisking.

The pans are cast in one solid piece of aluminum with extra heavy bases and elegantly tapered sides. The pans cannot warp and may be cleaned hot off the stove. Evaco pans are perfectly balanced between comfortable weight and cooking performance. Their unique bases are imbedded with magnetized steel. The base-ridges are designed for max. heat transfer from gas stoves. The wall across from the handle is slightly raised. The sloping rim design makes flipping and tossing of food easier. By raising the handle a few degrees you also increase the whisking and stirring depth of the pan. 

No gasses or fumes are ever emitted at ANY cooking temperature. The non-stick contains none of the components used for making PTFE non-stick. Evaco non-stick is a non-porous glass surface that tolerates rapid cooling and heating. Its fine “food release” properties are the result of an ultra-smooth surface.

  • Optional Glass Covers are available.
  • Handles are oven-safe to 360°Fahrenheit.
  • Works on all heat sources, including induction.

Capacity: 139 Oz.