Sousvant Sous Vide Cooker



Sous vide is a cooking technique, employed for years by many of the finest restaurants, in which food is cooked in sealed bags, at low temperatures, for extended periods. Precise control of cooking temperatures for measured times yields reliable, consistent results. Cooking food at lower temperatures preserves more nutrients and vitamins than traditional, high-temperature cooking methods.

Sousvant now finally makes it available to the home chef, in a product that is both reliable and easy to use.

  • Sousvant's 1000W built-in circulation system rapidly heats and maintains water to desired cooking temperature. (Accurate to 0.1 degree F.)
  • Removable carafe makes it easy to fill and remove water.
  • Easy clip-on removable lid prevents evaporation and helps regulate precise temperatures.

“Bottom line: The Sousvant is the best self-contained water bath we've tested.”      
        --CNET product review