Shun Kanso 5" Multi-Prep


SWT0729 *

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The Shun Kanso Asian Multi-Prep Knife is a Japanese-style boning knife. The 5-in. blade with its triangular shape is perfect for maneuvering around bones and between joints. Its razor-sharp, 16° cutting edge makes removing breasts from bone easy and it cuts joint cartilage almost like butter. Yet this knife does even more. It's also ideal as a utility knife for trimming, slicing, and chopping a full range of fruits and vegetables.

  • A compact, versatile knife for everything from slicing veg to boning poultry
  • AUS10A blade; high-carbon stainless steel offers strength, corrosion resistance, hardness, and wear resistance; added vanadium refines the steel grain enabling a razor-sharp 16° edge, each side
  • Contoured tagayasan (or wenge) wood handle; known as “iron sword wood,” it is noted for its denseness, durability, and beauty

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