Fletchers' Mill 8" Federal Salt Mill, Walnut

Fletchers' Mill

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Featuring a traditional design with elegant curves that make it easy to handle, this salt mill is stylish yet functional.  It's made from high-quality, renewable wood with an internal nylon mechanism that crushes salt crystals for enhanced flavor. Simply fill the grinder with salt and set the grind coarseness to the desired setting by turning the adjustable top nut. The top crown allows you to lock the grind setting for consistent grinding every time.

Internal pieces can be popped out for quick and simple cleaning and refilling, ensuring that it works properly for years on end.

Fletchers' Mill purchases wood from local loggers, then handcrafts each salt or pepper mill in-house in Maine, USA.  The mill practices Sustainable Forest Practices and recycles all wood waste and wood generated from the manufacturing process. 

  • 8"H