La Paella

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The book details out the origins of this crowd-pleasing dish and gives all the detailed information you need to make a perfect one at home. Here you can find paella’s wide variations, from the original Paella Valenciana – with chicken, rabbit, three kinds of beans, and snails – to the shellfish paella that my Catalan mother-in-law has been making nearly every weekend for forty years.

Paellas, though, aren’t the only traditional Spanish rice dishes. Moister – even soupy – rices slow-simmered to perfection in cazuelas (shallow terracotta casseroles) are here, too, including two of my favorites, a luscious soupy rice of lobster and an earthy one of duck and chanterelles. And for dessert there is a creamy, cinnamon and citrus infused rice pudding.

In addition to the recipes, there is a handy source list for unusual ingredients and special equipment, as well as a selection of restaurants in Spain where you can enjoy the finest authentic paellas.

Author: Jeff Koehler

-Chronicle Book, published 2006
-144 pages
-30 recipes
-40 full color images

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