Wusthof Classic 10" Double Serrated Bread Knife



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Enjoy perfect slices of your fresh homemade breads with this Wusthof Classic 10" Double-Serrated Bread Knife! Each side of this bread knife is serrated for quick, clean cuts that slice effortlessly through weeknight roasts, tricky produce, or even tough jerky or salami. Forged from a single sheet of steel, this serrated bread knife features premium construction and a balanced handle for easy maneuverability. Each slice is easy to control with ergonomic finger grooves and a safety guard. 

Whether you enjoy the delights of homemade baked goods or you're whipping up a gourmet chef's salad, Wusthof's Classic series has the finest German engineering for long-lasting blade retention that can stand up to daily use. With the Wusthof Classic 10" Double-Serrated Bread Knife, your next culinary masterpiece will have the presentation of a gourmet dish.