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Katz Branches Black Button Sage Honey

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Black Button Sage blooms in the California Coastal Range from February through June; this particular gathering is from Monterey County.  The sage bloom does not occur annually, so the bees produce this honey every few years.  We need the right mix of weather --good spring rains followed by a cool, dry spell-- in order for wild salvia to flower and provide nectar for waiting honeybees.

Last year was the first time we have been able to find enough of this single floral honey since 2011!  The California drought and climate change continue to make future honey gatherings challenging at best, but for now we are thrilled to offer Katz Black Button Sage Honey.  Katz's honeys are gathered directly from the hives and bottled unpasteurized, thus maintaining the multitude of health benefits associated with honey that are often lost in traditional commercial honey from overheating to eliminate crystallization.

Please note: Crystallization is normal for unheated and unfiltered honey, but honey is good forever because its antibiotic properties keep it from spoiling. You can recover the fluidity of crystallized honey by placing the opened jar in a hot water bath and stirring it until it liquefies again.

  • 16 Oz. jar