Ferrum Knives

The Ferrum design ethos is simple: form follows function. Inspired by Oregon's very own rich tradition of artisan knife makers, Ferrum combines the gourmet landscape of the Willamette landscape in the heart of wine country with pure, American design innovation to deliver a truly revolutionary culinary performance.

Ferrum technology leverages the most innovative materials and functions, so as a result the blades don't always follow convention. All handles are made of reclaimed Oregon Black Walnut from local nut farms and have rounded spines so that every knife sits comfortably in your hands. And by using only locally, reclaimed hardwood, Ferrum has reinvented how knives are made, reducing waste with every craft. So you can be proud of showing off your new Ferrum knife.

Utilizing modern forging techniques, all blades feature a powdered metal with greater purity and density for a razor-sharp cutting performance. The Chef's knife in particular is 20 percent wider at the heel for wider hand clearance and superior cutting motion. Each blade is hand sharpened to a precise 16 degrees, resulting in refinements that used to only be reserved for custom knives worth thousands of dollars now coming standard with each Ferrum blade.

In order to keep your Ferrum knife cutting to the best of its ability, we strongly advise only using wood or soft plastic cutting boards and avoiding glass, marble, and other hard surfaces as they may dull the blade - like any quality knife.

Never put Ferrum knives in the dishwasher, as the harsh detergents can harm the blades. Instead, hand wash the knives with warm water and dry carefully. An occasional light coating of mineral oil can also go a long way, and will protect your knives from corrosive elements.

Barkeeper's Friend is your best friend. The stainless cleaner will remove any water stains that develop and keep your Ferrum knives nice and shiny. We strongly advise stocking up as a perfect pair to your new Ferrum blade.